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The all new, modern and flexible framework from JoomlArt.

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T3 Framework

The "All New" T3

Support the latest Joomla 3, T3 hits the beat with the brand-new look, design approach and incredibly powerful customization feature.

User Centric Design

Sleek look, clean coding and elegant design make T3 a sophisticated and user-friendly theme, guarantee to catch the attention right on spot.

Developer's Freedom

Customize and style your theme in a click with the built-in tool developed for T3 only, cherish the endless flexibility it gives you.

Why choose T3?

6 years in Joomla! Development CAN'T be wrong!



Experience the power of Responsive Design, which does not only look good on all browsers and devices but also works like a charm!



Stepping stone to ensure your web experience and visualization quality that benefits from rich markup and compatibility.



Integrated in full features and components from Bootstrap to standardize your grid, typography, and modules with less efforts.



Great design impresses your visitors, but SEO friendly codes bring visitors, drive more Googlers to yours while you're sleeping.

T3 Gallery

More to come. Stay tune :) !

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